How to Attach a Toggle Clasp to a Bracelet

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Things You'll Need

  • Toggle clasp

  • 0.015 Beadlon jewelry wire in your choice of color

  • Gold or silver crimp beads to match clasp

  • Beads in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes

  • Small box or shoebox lid

  • Measuring tape

  • Jewelry-cutting wires

  • Crimping tool

Toggle clasps come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and metals. Adding personality to handmade and store-bought bracelets, the clasp is easy to attach and requires few tools and supplies. In one afternoon, you can add toggle clasps to all your accessories, which will allow them to close conveniently and securely. From selecting the type of toggle clasp to add to your piece to attaching it to taut jewelry wire, you will find everything you need to create sensational accessories with little-to-no effort.


Securing Your Toggle Clasp the Right Way

Step 1

Choose a pattern out of a book or off the Internet and purchase the supplies accordingly. Select beads that are already drilled in colors and shapes that catch your eye. Pick a clasp that accentuates the bracelet that you plan on making.


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Step 2

Lay out all your supplies in front of you. Carefully place the crimp beads in a small box for safekeeping. Use the measuring tape to determine the width of your wrist. Cut a piece of beading jewelry wire that is 3 inches longer on both ends.

Step 3

Slide a crimp bead onto one end of the wire. Take the toggle clasp in one hand and loop the wire through the attachment ring located at the bottom of the jewelry-making supply. Slip the loose end of the wire through the crimp bead and pull tight.


Step 4

Take the crimping pliers in one hand and flatten the bead as close as possible to the clasp. String the focal beads onto the wire according to the pattern that you plan to make. Tuck excess wire through the first four beads and trim off the excess with jewelry-cutting wires.

Step 5

Hold the other end of the jewelry wire taut and slide a crimp bead onto it. Attach the other half of the toggle clasp onto the wire in the same fashion as you did before. Flatten the bead, tuck in the excess string and trim what is left. Try on your new bracelet to make sure the clasp closes properly.


Toggle clasps come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. Experiment with different combinations to find the one that works best for your design.


Do not forget to use the crimping tool to flatten the crimp beads. Forgetting this step will cause all of your beads to fall off the wire and create a big mess.



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