How to Draw a Gas Mask

Draw a Gas Mask

Gas masks have fascinated many over the years. They have captured the imagination of a whole generation of youth and now can be found extensively on the Internet. While the modern mask was introduced in World War I, masks have been in existence for some time. The m40 gas mask is one of the more recent models available. In just a few steps, you can quickly draw your own m40 gas mask.

Step 1

Draw an oval shape with a flat top.

Step 2

Make two lines (one horizontal and one vertical) to divide the shape in half.

Step 3

Draw a line where the tops of the eyes will be. Draw two eyeglass shapes for the eyes.

Step 4

Erase the lines inside of the lenses. Draw the inner rims.

Step 5

Fix the top of the mask. Draw the nose piece.

Step 6

Draw a circle for the mouthpiece. Make a smaller circle for the inner rims. Sketch a few smaller circles on the inside to make the vents.

Step 7

Draw a half-circle on the bottom right to get the filter placement correct.

Step 8

Extend the half-circle to make a rim--draw a flattened "can shape" protruding from it.

Step 9

Draw a half-circle on the bottom and another one on the left.

Step 10

Extend the semi-circle on the left to make a smaller valve.

Step 11

Do the same for the bottom, but make the valve slightly bigger.

Step 12

Trace the pencil lines with a pen. Erase the pencil lines when the ink is dry. Add color if desired.