How to Make a Rectangular Prism Out of Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • Double-sided clear tape

A rectangular prism is an object with a shape like a box. A rectangular prism is made up of six flat sides. Each angle of the rectangular prism is a right angle, and each flat side is a rectangle. Making a model of a rectangular prism out of paper can be an educational project to demonstrate the properties of a rectangular prism. Learn how to make a rectangular prism out of paper to illustrate what it looks like.


Step 1

Sketch the shape of the prism. The width of the prism is 1.75 inches. The length of the prism is 2.75 inches. The height of the prism is 1 inch. See diagram for measuring details.

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Step 2

Create flaps that extend out from the top, bottom and one end of the prism as shown in the diagram. The flaps are tapered diagonally on each end and are created to tuck in to the ends of the prism when constructing the prism.


Step 3

Cut out the prism shape as shown, cutting carefully around the flaps to result in one t-shaped prism shape that will be folded to make the rectangular prism.

Step 4

Fold the prism shape along each line on the inside of the shape, including the flaps. Each fold is necessary for constructing the prism.


Step 5

Place a small square of double-sided clear tape on each flap.

Step 6

Fold the number 1 side down. Fold numbers 2 and 3 sides in. Fold number 4 in and number 5 up to meet the flaps from the number 1 side. Press the double-sided clear tape that was placed on the flaps in against the edges so that the sides of the prism adhere to each other and stay folded. Do this for each flap so that the prism becomes a three-dimensional paper shape.


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