How to Make a Cardboard Sundial

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Things You'll Need

  • Round item, like a bucket

  • Cardboard

  • Black marker

  • Box cutter

  • Wooden dowel

  • Ruler

Kids (and many adults) love to make crafts. Not only is working with your hands very entertaining, it can be quite therapeutic as well. Unfortunately, some crafts are very expensive to put together and difficult for little hands to manage. Making a sundial from cardboard is not only inexpensive and entertaining for children, but it is also a wonderful educational experience. Because this project requires using a box cutter, your child will need your help to complete it.


Step 1

Trace the round bottom object with your black marker directly onto your cardboard.

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Step 2

Cut the circle out of your cardboard with your box cutter.

Step 3

Using your ruler, find the center of your circle and mark it with a dot.


Step 4

Cut a hole (at the dot you made) large enough for your wooden dowel to fit through.

Step 5

Fit the wooden dowel through the hole you made at the center of your sundial, and stick it into the ground.


Step 6

Using your ruler (so that you can make straight lines), make marks on your sundial at each hour. To make the hour/minute mark, line up your ruler with the shadow that the sun is making and draw a short line. You now have a working cardboard sundial.


Make sure that your are in an open, sunny space to get the most accurate time with your sundial.


Always cut away from you.


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