How to Draw a Recycling Sign

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Things You'll Need

  • Photo crayon, regular crayon, or pencil

  • Markers or paint

  • Plastic container or paper

  • Paintbrushes (if you choose paint)

In a time when going green is becoming increasingly important, it is also becoming more apparent that there is a greater need for recycling in order to protect Mother Earth. With recycling, more trees will be saved and help provide oxygen instead of becoming notebooks and tissues. Old plastic bottles could potentially become playground equipment that could be enjoyed by children for generations. By recycling, you are doing your part to help the planet. In your home, you can designate a blue or green plastic container as your recycling bin, but first, you need to indicate that the container is specifically for recycling. By drawing a recycling sign on your container, you and your family will have a constant reminder to recycle and help the planet.


Step 1

Draw a triangle lightly on the container using the crayon if you are creating your sign on the container, or with the pencil if you are drawing on paper. Make this triangle any size you want.


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Step 2

This illustration is a bit lopsided, so hopefully your image looks better.

Use the crayon or pencil and start at the bottom portion of the triangle and add two rectangles, making sure you leave a space between them that is about a third of an inch wide. Repeat this step with the remaining triangle sides, making sure you leave a space that is a third of an inch wide between all rectangles. Once this is complete, erase the triangle you created in Step 1.


Step 3

Add triangles to every other rectangle in the drawing, starting at the bottom right. These triangles represent the three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


Step 4

Round off the corners of the rectangles that lack triangles at the ends. The rounded portions should be located at the "tops" of these rectangles; in other words, the portions that are pointing toward the bottoms of the "arrowed" rectangles. Next, "cut off" one of the corners of the arrows in order to create a folded appearance.


Step 5

Erase or wipe away the lines you created in Step 2, since they are no longer necessary.

Step 6

Above are vibrant colors in order to show you how the completed image will look once all the guidelines are erased.

Paint or color in all the shapes using white paint or markers depending on whether you're drawing this on a container or paper. Outline the shapes in black. These are the typical colors used on recycling bins. Once this is finished, let the paint or markers dry.


If you press lightly with either the crayon or pencil, the guidelines will be easier to remove.


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