How to Celebrate a Girl's 18th Birthday

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Things You'll Need

  • Photos of the birthday person from birth to 18 years

  • Access to a day spa

  • Tickets to an adventure such as skydiving

  • Old photographs of female family members

Photos of a girl's life are a good addition to an 18th birthday party.

An 18th birthday celebration for a girl marks the end of childhood and the beginning of greater independence and responsibility. Creating a memorable birthday party can mean a big event or a small gathering depending on your budget, but no matter how much you spend, the most important thing is marking the occasion.


Step 1

Throw a theme party. If your 18-year-old and her friends are fans of a television show or reality show, get them into the act by using it as a theme for the party. For example, a "Survivor" enthusiast may enjoy a party that includes some athletic challenges and of course, a gross eating competition. If she is a "Keeping Up with the Kardashian's" fan. have a fake "big booty" contest, do makeovers and eat California Light.

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Step 2

Take a walk down memory lane. Since the 18th birthday marks a transition from childhood to adulthood, a stroll down memory lane can be fun for everyone. Create a scrapbook showing a few pictures from every year, then invite her friends to include photos and comments on some of their favorite memories together. Blow up some photos to decorate a celebratory get together and play a birthday girl trivia game with prizes.


Step 3

Take a group to the spa. Select a few close friends and take the birthday girl to a day spa for a total makeover and relaxation day. This is a great way to mark the transition from high school to college or adulthood and can make an 18th birthday an event to remember.

Step 4

Have an adventure. Mark the Big One-eight by allowing the birthday girl to do something she's always wanted. Perhaps she wants to try sky diving or bungee jumping, white water rafting or just spending a weekend in New York City with her best girlfriends. Allow her to experience the greater freedom and responsibility associated with being 18.


Step 5

Add a hotel vacation.

Have a hotel vacation. Reserve a hotel suite for the guest of honor plus a few friends and give her a taste of independence. Be sure the hotel has a pool, day spa and allow extra cash for delivery pizza. Since most 17- and 18-year-olds still live at home, a hotel vacation allows the girls to make decisions and relax away from siblings and parents.


Step 6

Get dressed up for a special black tie event. If you want to spend some cash on a deluxe 18th party celebration rent a garden and hall combination and decorate it with champagne colored linens and balloons. Alcohol-free champagne, a DJ and delicious foods will mean plenty of dressed up friends coming along to celebrate.


Step 7

Spread the wisdom. Gather all the women-folk in the family and ask them to share something they've learned about being a woman. Gather together for a home made meal and then share the words of wisdom around the table to help the birthday girl make a good start on her road to adulthood. Put all the handwriting "lessons" in a scrapbook together with family pictures of women through the generations. This reference book will get your birthday girl through many hard times.


Know the guests who will be sharing a spa day or hotel vacation with your daughter to insure a good and safe time.


Although traveling with friends is a lot of fun, safety comes first. Agree to twice a day phone calls and a planned itinerary, or join the girls by taking a girlfriend of your own along to monitor the trip.


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