How to Reheat Pizza in an Oven

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How to Reheat Pizza in an Oven.
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Pizza ranks as a favorite food for all ages, with leftovers being an added bonus, but what is the best way to reheat pizza so it actually tastes good? Forget the microwave. Instead, use your oven to reheat your favorite slice.


Why Reheat Pizza in the Oven?

Sure, the microwave is quick, but it leaves your pizza soggy, sad and not nearly as yummy as it was when it was fresh. The oven makes the crust crispy and does a good job of melting the cheese and heating up the toppings. If you want to add a little brown to the cheese, you can toss the pizza under the broiler for a minute or two.


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The oven is also ideal when you have several slices to heat at once. You can spread several slices out on a baking sheet to warm up enough pizza for everyone.

Storing Leftover Pizza

The method you use to reheat pizza is important in how your leftovers turn out, but the way you store it can also have an impact on the results. Don't store the pizza in the box in which it comes. Pizza boxes aren't airtight, so they can dry out the pizza and let it absorb other odors in your refrigerator.


A better way to store pizza is to put it in plastic wrap, foil or a plastic bag for storage. The wrapping protects the pizza and may keep it from drying out so much. That means it will taste better when you reheat pizza in the oven.

Prep the Pan and Pizza

Start with a rimmed baking sheet lined with foil. The rim helps keep any grease from spilling into your oven. You can also use a pizza stone if you prefer. Put your chosen pan in a 450F oven to get it hot before you put the pizza on it.


Spread the pizza slices around the pan you choose, giving each piece a little extra space around it for faster heating. You can spritz the pizza toppings and crust with a little water to help the moisture levels. Just don't saturate it with water.

Heat it High and Fast

Pop the pizza in the 450F oven for 6 to 10 minutes. The specific length of time often depends on the thickness of the pizza, with thin crust pizzas reheating quickly and deep dish pizzas needing a little more time. Positioning the pizza lower in the oven may help it reheat better. The bottom gets crispy without drying out or burning the toppings.


Keep an eye on it, so the pizza doesn't get overheated or burned. The cheese should be melted and bubbly to show that it's hot. You can also carefully lift up the pizza using a spatula to check the crust periodically.


Warm it Low and Slow

A different approach is to reheat the pizza at lower temperatures for a longer period of time. This method also uses aluminum foil placed over the pizza to keep it from drying out. Reheat the pizza at 275F for 25 to 30 minutes to give it plenty of time to heat.


Alternative Pizza Heating Methods

One option instead of the oven is to reheat pizza in a skillet. Heat a skillet without nonstick coating over high heat to get it nice and hot. Lower the heat to medium high and then put the pizza in it for a few minutes. Watch the pizza closely to make sure the crust doesn't burn.


Another pizza reheating method is the toaster oven. Heat the pizza on medium in the toaster oven. You may need to use two cycles to get it hot, toasty and melted.



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