How to Decorate Basketball Hoops for a Party

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Things You'll Need

  • Twinkle lights

  • Balloons

  • Tulle

Basketball Hoops

Many churches and schools offer the use of their gym for little to no cost. This makes gyms the ideal spot for a budget-conscious wedding reception, birthday party, family reunion or even a prom. Because the floors are usually made of hardwood, they are ideal for dancing. The one flaw in this plan is the basketball hoops. It seems that no matter what theme you go with, the basketball standard will constantly be reminding your guests that your function is taking place in a gym.


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Step 1

Fold the basketball hoop back. Many basketball standards are hung from the ceiling. They can be pushed closer to the ceiling so they are hardly noticeable. You might be able to remove the hoop or just take the net off. This way your guests will know that you aren't about to play hoops at your formal party.


Step 2

Use drapes. Many high-end wedding designers like to tent the room. They hang sheer curtains all over the walls and even on the ceiling. Then, they place twinkle lights behind the curtains. A lighting specialist can even cast lights on the curtains to make them appear like they are glowing or even a different color. Because basketball hoops are on either side of the room, they will be completely hidden by the sheers. This will help mask the gym feeling of the space for your party.


Step 3

Make it fun. You might not be able to afford the tenting process. Instead of trying to hide your basketball hoop, make it whimsical. For dances or birthday parties, try blowing up balloons in your theme colors. Place several balloons in the net. People will still be able to tell it's a basketball hoop, but your guests will appreciate the effort.


Step 4

Design your party around the basketball hoops. You may not be able to hide the basketball hoops, and you feel like they stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, work with the infrastructure of the gym. Go with a sports theme for your party. It will keep the kids in attendance busy, and you'll have built-in entertainment.


Step 5

Use the basketball hoop as a canopy, depending on the placement of it. Thread dozens of yards of tulle through the hoop. Have it pool down to the floor. This can branch out to drape around your guest book table. You can even place a few couches in front of the basketball hoop to create a lounge vibe that is popular at expensive receptions.