How to Clean Gold Filled Jewelry

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Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth

  • Non-bleach powdered laundry detergent

  • Dishwashing liquid

  • Ammonia

The outer layer of gold is soft and prone to scratching and tarnish.
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Gold filled jewelry is made by fusing a layer of gold on a base metal -- often silver or brass -- or an alloy to create a permanent bond. Gold filled jewelry must be at least 5 percent gold by weight and is second in quality to solid gold. Caring for your gold filled jewelry is easy; for best results, clean each piece after wearing it, and store pieces so that they do not contact one another in a drawer or jewelry box to avoid scratches.


Step 1

Wipe your jewelry with a clean, soft cloth after wearing it. Polishing cloths designed especially for jewelry are nonabrasive and inexpensive.

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Step 2

Fill a small bowl with water and a drop of ammonia and dip a cloth or cotton swab in the liquid. Carefully clean hard-to-reach spots of the jewelry, then rinse with water and pat the piece dry.

Step 3

Add a teaspoon of non-bleach powdered laundry detergent to a bowl of warm water and stir. Soak especially dirty pieces of gold filled jewelry for a minute or so, remove the jewelry and rise with water and pat dry..


If your gold filled jewelry has gemstones or other settings, make sure any cleaning solution you're using won't harm the stones.


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