How to Start Tomato Seeds Indoors

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Using seeds to start tomatoes is a great way to grow your own tomatoes. Tomato seeds take around 2 to 3 weeks to sprout before they can be transferred to your garden. Starting tomato seeds indoors is cheaper than buying grown plants. Seeds need water, warmth and soil to germinate which you can control indoors. It is a good idea to start tomato seeds indoors during late spring so they are ready to plant in early summer.


Start Tomato Seeds Indoors

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Things You'll Need

Step 1

Fill small pots or an egg carton with potting soil. Leave some space at the top.

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Step 2

Gently place a few tomato seeds in each. Then cover the seeds with more potting soil.

Step 3

Water the tomato seeds and place them on a tray in a warm window.

Step 4

Water every couple days until sprouts start.


Make sure not to overwater your seeds. Check if seeds need water by pushing a finger into soil. If soil is moist at 1/4-inch deep, your seeds have enough water.

Step 5

Wait for each plant to have at least three leaves. Transplant the seedlings to your garden.


Don't crowd your seedling when you transfer them to your garden. Tomatoes need lots of room to grow.



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