How to Cut a Door Kick Plate

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Things You'll Need

  • Chalk box

  • Skill saw

  • Saw blade

  • Kick plate

Install a kick plate to extend the life of your door, and to protect it from being damaged by things such as animal claws or scuff marks. Kick plates are available in several materials, including wood, metal and plastic. You may also use decorative grating as a kick plate. Kick plate installation is simple, so there is no need to hire a handyman to handle this task. Kick plates are screwed at the base of the door so that visible damage to the door is kept to a minimum.


Step 1

Place the door plate on a flat surface, such as a table or sawhorse.

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Step 2

Measure and mark where the kick plate will need to be cut. Snap out a line using a chalk box to ensure the straightest cut possible.

Step 3

Slide the kick plate so that when you are cutting it with the saw, the blade of the saw will not cut the surface under the kick plate.

Step 4

Place the skill saw at the indicated mark on the kick plate and turn it on. If the plate is metal, use an abrasive, metal-rated blade. If it is a plastic kick plate, use a blade that has teeth spaced close together.


Step 5

Using a controlled motion, cut the kick plate by pushing the saw. Hold the kick plate firmly to the smooth surface while cutting it to prevent kickback, which is caused when the saw pushes itself back due to a binding blade.


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