How to Make Wall Hangings Out of Golf Clubs

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Things You'll Need

  • Golf clubs

  • Small piece of thin sheet metal

  • Sandpaper

  • Paint and paint markers

  • Sealer such as polyurethane

  • Painters tape

  • Wire

  • Snips

These funny faces would love to grace golf clubs turned into wall hangings.

Old golf clubs are good for more than just gathering dust. Even if the old clubs no longer are much good for the course, they can be transformed into whimsical and wonderful wall hangings. No special tools are needed to make an array of little people who will make you smile while showing off how creative you are to have come up with this project.


Step 1

Prepare your clubs. Hose down the clubs or sponge down with warm, soapy water to remove dust and debris. Use sandpaper to texturize the metal on the club and the shiny finish on wood clubs so paint will stick. Cover any leather or porous handle with painters tape so it doesn't get paint on it.

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Step 2

Install the wire hanger. Use snips to cut a piece of heavy-duty picture wire about 4 inches long. Bend the wire into a loop and overlap the ends so it stays in place. Shimmy the loop up the club's shaft until it is at the base of the club. Twist the wire into an uneven figure eight, with the smaller portion nearest the club. Tighten the loop closest to the club by twisting until it is flush against the club's neck. This leaves you with an adequate loop for hanging the club. Place the loop on the flat side of the club so the club will hang flush against the wall.


Step 3

Hook up the arms. Use snips to cut a strip of thin sheet metal that is 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. Position the strip about 1 inch below the club's head. Bend the center of the strip into a slight curve so it wraps halfway around the shaft. Bend the ends of the strips outward to resemble arms ready to give an embrace. Apply a thick dollop of glue to the indented area of the strip and press firmly onto the back of the shaft. Clamp into place until dry.


Step 4

Paint your clubs. Use a metal paint on the metal portions of the clubs. Use wood paint on any woods. Choose a single color or jazz it up with stripes, polka dots, a mottled tie-dye look or a different color for the body and the head. Spray paint is an easy way to go. Remove the tape from the handle when dry.


Step 5

Make the feet. Use snips to cut a small heart shape out of sheet metal that is about 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall. Paint as desired. Glue the feet, with the rounded heart shape facing forward, to the bottom of the handle.

Step 6

Add fine details and seal. Use a paint marker to add eyes and a mouth to the head of the club. Add any buttons, swirls or other designs down the length of the club if desired. Spray the finished and dried piece with polyurethane or another sealer to prevent chipping.


Get even more creative by adding a small hat, wig made of yarn or swatch of fabric as a bandanna on your golf club's head.


Make sure the clubs are hung on sturdy hooks so they don't fall off the wall.


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