How to Make Baskets From Paper Grocery Bags

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This woven Easter basket is not only as adorably cute as it is clever, it's also green! By upcycling a paper grocery bag, you can make your own with a pair of scissors and a bit of hot glue. It's the perfect size to hold a few Easter eggs, a stash of candy, or bouquet of gorgeous daffodils for an Easter centerpiece!

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Disassemble Bag

Disassemble bag by removing handles first. Then cut down a corner seam to remove the bottom. Discard bottom and handles.

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Measure Out 1 1/4 Inch Strips.

Lay bag flat and measure 1 ¼ inch strips along the length. You'll need 27 strips.

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Cut Strips

Cut out strips with scissors.

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Glue 8 Strips Together

Glue 8 of the strips together forming 4 long strips. Fold in half (print side in). Set aside. You will use these to weave around your bag later.

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Fold 12 Strips in Half

Fold 12 of the remaining strips in half, print side in.

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Glue Folded Strips to a Brace

Glue 6 folded strips next to one another onto the middle of an extra (unfolded) strip. Do this with the remaining 6 folded strips so you have two sets. The wider strips will act as braces as you weave.

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Weave Together

Weave the two sets together.

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Center Weave

Tighten your weave to the center of the strips. Use the braces as guidelines forming a square.

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Fold Sides Up

Trim the excess from the braces and fold sides up.

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Weave in Long Strips

Using the four longer strips, weave 3 sides of the basket.

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Weave Final Strips in Opposite Directions

Before you weave the final wall, trim the excess from the first strip where you began the weave. Use a small dab of glue to secure. Weave the remainder of the strip and leave the excess long. Trim the opposite end of the second strip and weave the remainder so the excess of the strip points in the opposite direction. Do this with all four strips.

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Back Thread Excess Strips

Once all four long strips are woven, you can back thread the excess strip and secure with a small dab of glue under the fold.

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Trim Braces and Fold Tips Down

Trim off braces and fold tips down, alternating directions.

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Tuck Tips Under

Tuck the tips under the top row of the basket.

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Make the Handle

To make the handle, fold the 3 remaining strips into thirds. Glue together and secure with a clip.

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Braid Strips

Braid strips together. Glue ends down and secure with clip until dry.

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Place Handle Under Inside Weave

Remove clips and place under weave on the inside of the basket. Secure with a small dab of glue.


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