How to Clean Stove Eyes on a Whirlpool Stove

Things You'll Need

  • Toothbrush

  • Dry towel

  • Household cleaner

Whirlpool "stove eyes" are another name for the burners. More specifically, the burners on a Whirlpool brand stove. They are fairly simple to clean, once you are used to navigating them. For gas stoves, you do not need to remove the eyes to clean them. If you are cleaning a Whirlpool electric stove, then you have the option of removing the eyes before you clean them.

Step 1

Remove the eyes, if it is an electric stove. They should lift up and pull out easily. Take them to your sink for easy cleaning.

Step 2

Remove the metal burner covers, if necessary. Gas stoves sometimes have metal burner covers to protect the source of heat. These can become stained with food. They usually slide out from under the eye, or you can just use a toothbrush to scrub them. If you have burner covers over the eyes of the stove when you are not cooking, then you should remove them from the stove by lifting them off the burners before you start cleaning.

Step 3

Run some hot water over a clean toothbrush. Always keep the toothbrush moist while cleaning the stove eyes.

Step 4

Apply a household cleaning solution (such as 409, Gunk multi-purpose, Lysol or Comet with Bleach) to the toothbrush. Put it on the toothbrush by squirting a little onto the brush end. Do not put the cleaning solution directly on the stove.

Step 5

Lightly scrub your stove eye with the toothbrush. Continue dipping the toothbrush in water and adding solution until your stove eyes are clean.

Step 6

Rinse off the eyes. Moisten your towel and wipe down your stove eyes until they shine like new.


Never attempt to clean your stove eyes when any part of the stove is on.