How to Install a Hinge Pin Door Closer

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In situations where a door closer is needed, such as on exterior doors, the only choice used to be the industrial door closers that attached to the door and the door jamb. While these closers functioned well, they looked a bit out of place in a residential setting, which led to the development of hing pin door closers. These units come in a specially designed hinge that is only slightly larger than a normal hinge, eliminating the need for the unsightly commercial door closers of the past. Since these hinge pin door closers come in a hinge, they are easy to retro-fit on existing doors.


Step 1

Remove the old hinge. Use a Phillip's screwdriver or drill and remove the screws from the door and the jamb and then remove the hinge.

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Step 2

Install the new hinge with the hinge pin door closer in place of the old hinge. The screw pattern should match the old hinges; uuse a screw driver or drill and insert the new screws.

Step 3

Use the supplied adjustment bar and insert it in the hole at the top of the hinge pin nearest the door. Turn it away from the door and insert the stop pin in the hole closest to the door.

Step 4

Repeat the process for the bottom of the hing pin.


Step 5

Test the door. Open the door and allow the hinge pin door closer to shut the door. If the door closes too hard, adjust the pressure on the closer down. If the door doesn't shut hard enough to fully close the door, increase the pressure on the door closer.


Depending on the size and weight of the door, a second hinge pin door closer may be needed.

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