How to Make a Paper Guitar

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Things You'll Need

  • Paperboard shoe box

  • 6 large rubber bands

  • Scissors

  • 12 brass fasteners (also called "brads")

  • Toilet paper tube

Paper Guitar

Creating a paper guitar is a wonderful way to teach children about how sound can be created and amplified, adding a fun and informative project to their craft curriculum. Everything you need to make a paper guitar can be found around the house or classroom, or can be purchased at any grocery store. Here is a simple way to create paper guitars in your home or classroom.


Step 1

Cut a hole near the center of an empty paperboard shoe box, roughly three inches in diameter. To do this, insert one end of the scissors into the box, pushing firmly until the end punctures the paperboard. You can then begin to cut out the circle from the box.


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Step 2

Push six brass fasteners into one of the smaller ends of the box, spacing them evenly apart. Once the brass fasteners are through the paperboard, spread out the two flaps of each fastener on the inside so that the fastener does not slip out. Push the remaining brads into the opposite end, attaching them in the same way.


Step 3

Cut apart the six rubber bands, creating six single pieces. Securely tie one end of each band onto a brass fastener, then stretch it across the circular opening. Tie the other end onto the opposite brass fastener. Repeat this for all six rubber bands.


Step 4

Cut open the toilet paper tube lengthwise and flatten it down, overlapping the open edges. Carefully insert the flattened tube underneath the rubber band strings, lifting one end slightly higher than the other. This will cause the vibrations of the strings to amplify into the base of the shoe box.



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