How to Make Letters with Balloons

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Balloon letters and shapes can make any party more fun. Both children and adults are dazzled whenever a long balloon is molded and formed into something recognizable. Use this skill at a birthday party, in a talent show, or just to entertain your children. Balloon letters are also great for getting a message across to someone on a special day.


Step 1

Choose one balloon and inflate it almost all the way with air. Leave approximately 2 inches of the balloon un-inflated. Tie the open end so that air cannot escape.

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Step 2

Twist the balloon gently two to three times wherever a letter may have intersections. For the purpose of this article, we'll focus on the letter "A." Hold the tied end of the balloon, and make a twist about a fifth of the way up from the tie. Hold this twisted portion, and move the same distance up the balloon. Twist again. You should now have three portions to your balloon. Every time you twist, hold the portion of the balloon that was just created so that it does not become untwisted.


Step 3

Fold the longest balloon segment so that it faces downward. You should have an upside down "V" shape at this point. Twist the long side at the spot directly across from the twist on the other side.

Step 4

Grab the end of the balloon that you did not tie, and twist directly across from the tied end on the other side of the balloon. To finish, twist the balloon upward, and twist again where the crossing section of the A would be (you should have already made a twist here). Fold the balloon so that it meets with the very first twist you made. This will complete the "A."


Step 5

Repeat a similar process for any other letters. Work your way from the bottom left of the letter, and then up and around to complete the letter. For letters that do not have intersections and are more curvy in nature, such as a "C," you'll need to make a series of twists in order to mold the letter correctly.


It's okay if your balloon pops. This happens to skilled balloon twisters. Simply grab another balloon and start over.


Young children should not play with balloons. If they put a balloon in their mouth and it pops, there is a possibility they could choke on the latex.


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