How to Make Your Own Effusion Fragrance Lamp

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Things You'll Need

  • Effusion lamp, any style

  • 1 extra lamp kit

  • 16 ounces isopropyl alcohol, 91 percent

  • ½ oz. distilled water

  • ½ oz. any fragrance of essential oil

  • 2 plastic containers with lids

  • Measuring cup

Effusion lamps

Effusion fragrance lamps are decorative lamps filled with a fragrance fuel that is lit for a few minutes; then the flame is snuffed out. The fragrance permeates the entire house for up to 16 hours. This type of lamp completely destroys all odors and/or bacteria that are in the air. While the lamp itself has to be purchased and not made, the "fuel" or lamp oil can be made at home with any desired fragrance. The lamps are safer than candles and are extremely popular.


Step 1

Essential oils

Measure the liquid ingredients in a plastic bowl with a lid. Attach the lid and shake lightly. This is a safe mixture for home use.

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Step 2

Place more alcohol into the second container and place the wick and stone in the alcohol to soak for approximately 20 minutes. This fills the wick with alcohol and helps the wick last longer.

Step 3

Effusion Lamp

Fill the lamp half full with the alcohol mixture. Replace the wick and stone in the lamp. Light the wick and let it burn 4 to 6 minutes. Blow the wick out and place the effusion cap over the wick. Let the lamp "burn" in this matter until the lamp is empty, which will be 12 to 16 hours. When the lamp is empty, replace the effusion cap with the snuffer cap which will make the lamp stop burning. Allow to cool.


Step 4

Lamp kit

When the lamp is cool, remove the wick again and place with the extra lamp kit wick into the bowl with straight alcohol. Put the lid on and store so you will always have a wick ready to light.


Try different scents.


Never leave the burning lamp unattended.


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