How to Apply Vellum Quotes

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Things You'll Need

  • Vellum quote

  • Paper cutter or scissors

  • Paper punch flower petal shapes

  • Scrapbook paper or handmade greeting card

  • Adhesive backed ribbon

  • Border or corner stickers

  • Sewing machine

  • Miniature brads

  • Miniature hole punch tool or paper piercer

S. Faloon 2009

Vellum quotes come in a small pad of several pages. There can be one quote or poem on a page or several brief and meaningful quotes. Vellum is a translucent paper that can be challenging to apply to a card or scrapbooking layout. There are a few adhesives that will work to mount vellum to a project. It is important to experiment with scrap pieces of vellum to check if your favorite adhesive will show through and mar your project. A paper crafter needs to be creative when applying vellum quotes to a project.


Step 1

Check through the book of quotes to choose a meaningful one for your card or scrapbook layout. Remove the page from the pad.

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Step 2

Cut the vellum quote of your choice from the page of quotes. You can use a paper cutter, scissors or decorative scissors to shape the outline of the quote for your project.


Step 3

Choose ribbon, border trim, stickers or adhesive backed ribbon to place at the top, bottom or sides of the quote. Adhere the quote to your craft project with one of these borders.


Step 4

Secure a vellum quote to a paper mat that is larger than the vellum piece by holding it with your fingers. Place it on to the needle plate of a sewing machine. Lift the foot, slide the papers under it and lower the mechanism to hold them firmly in place. Sew a small running stitch around the vellum about 1/4 inch from the edge. This will give a neat appearance to the vellum. You can use white thread or thread in the color of the ink the quote is printed with.


Step 5

Punch out flower petal punchies from scrapbooking paper. Punch a tiny hole in the center of the punchie with a hole punch, needle or piercing tool. Punch a hole in the corner of the vellum piece. Locate the area of the card or layout where the vellum quote will be placed. Punch tiny holes in the paper to line up with the holes in the vellum. Insert a brad through the flower punchie, vellum and on through the card or layout paper. Flatten the brad prongs to hold the entire set of pieces together.


You can layer two to three punchie flower petals to make a fuller flower.

Add a tiny bow to the ribbon border for a more decorative vellum project.


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