How to Steam Oysters in a Turkey Fryer

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Things You'll Need

  • Turkey fryer with a steam basket

  • 2 dozen oysters in the shell

  • Water

  • Oven mitt

  • Large platter

Turkey fryers are famous for producing juicy and tender turkeys that are deep fried in oil and only take minutes to cook. What most people don't realize, you can cook a plethora of food items in your turkey fryer. Steaming oysters is another use for a turkey fryer most people don't think of. The benefit of steaming your oysters in a turkey fryer is you don't get a bottom of the sea smell in your kitchen and you can fit more than a couple dozen of oysters in the large fryer steam basket that most fryers come with.


Step 1

Scrub your oyster shells clean in a large sink. Get rid of any debris that is on the shells. Throw away any oysters that have opened. Toss ice on top to keep the oysters cool until you start to cook. You can also put them back into the fridge.

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Step 2

Fill the turkey fryer with water just up to the bottom of the steamer basket when it is inserted. If you overfill the fryer with water past the bottom of the steam basket, you risk the chance of boiling your oysters causing them to lose their potent flavor.


Step 3

Light the fryer and get the water up to a rolling boil.

Step 4

Fill the steamer basket with the two dozen oysters. Cover with the lid.

Step 5

With the basket hook provided in your turkey fryer kit, gently lower the basket into the boiling water. Close the lid.


Step 6

Cook the oysters for about two minutes and, wearing an oven mitt, check to see if the shells have opened. If they haven't, leave them to steam for another two minutes.

Step 7

Remove the oysters in the basket and carefully pour the oysters onto a platter and enjoy.


Serve your warm oysters with melted butter and slices of lemon.


Stand away from the lid when removing the hot lid from the boiling pot of water. You risk burning your face if you don't.



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