How to Clean a Bamboo Dish Rack

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Things You'll Need

  • Water

  • Mild Soap

  • 3 Soft Cloths

  • Small Container

Bamboo has increased in popularity in recent years because it is clean, indestructible and it is a renewable resource. In fact, this member of the grass family is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth, it's 16 percent harder than maple and it is one-third lighter than oak. Bamboo absorbs little moisture and does not shrink or swell, so it is also used for dish racks and other kitchen utensils. All you need, to clean your bamboo dish rack, is a bit of soapy water and some mineral oil.


Step 1

Put some mild dish soap and water into a small container.

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Step 2

Dip your cloth into the water, and then scrub your dish rack with it.

Step 3

Rinse off your dish rack in the sink and pat it dry.

Step 4

To preserve your dish rack, regularly wipe mineral oil onto the surface of it with a clean, soft cloth.


Don’t ever put your dish rack in the dishwasher or totally immerse it in water.

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