How to Clean Painted Bricks

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 buckets

  • 2 large sponges

  • Few soft, dry clothes

  • Dish washing liquid

  • Water

Brick Wall Painted White

Painted bricks create a clean, monochrome appearance. But like anything else in your home they need to be cleaned. The risk involved with cleaning painted brick is rubbing off the paint. You don't want peeling paint to replace the dirt and grime you just cleaned off.


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Step 1

Use a soft cloth to wipe away excess dust. This will help you avoid grinding particles into the paint as you clean.

Step 2

Prepare a cleaning solution by filling a bucket with warm water, and adding a small amount of dish detergent (such as Dawn) to it. Since most dish detergents are highly concentrated, a teaspoon of it should do the trick.


Step 3

Dip a sponge in the bucket and squeeze out excess soap and moisture, but leave enough in the sponge to do the job.

Step 4

Start at the bottom of the wall and progress across the length of the painted brick area, stopping midway to wipe clean with a second sponge.


Step 5

Use a soft, dry cloth to dry the clean area.

Step 6

Prevent future accumulation of dirt and grime by frequent dusting. Wipe down your painted brick once a month with a damp sponge followed by a soft, dry cloth.


Be sure to dry as you go along. Soap and water should not be allowed to remain on paint, because it can leave stains.



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