How to Sell Metal Art

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Things You'll Need

  • Pictures of your work

  • Sell sheets and postcards of your work

If making metal art is something you enjoy, perhaps you would like to take the next step and sell it. It can be a way a way to gain exposure for your work, and also an opportunity to supplement your income. There are several ways to sell art, including online and local opportunities. While it may take time to start selling, you will be building your name and reputation at the same time.


Step 1

Create a collection of your metal art. Make sculptures in a variety of sizes and complexity. This will be the equivalent of making a portfolio.

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Step 2

Put a price on your art when you want to sell metal art. The trick is to make sure you set a reasonable price on your art so that you will be compensated for your time and the cost of your materials, as well as make a profit as well. The article "Art Prices—Price Your Art Realistically" at ArtBuisness is useful (see Resources). Going to sites selling metal sculptures, like, is also helpful in working out how to price your art.

Step 3

Build a website to showcase your metal art. You can do this free through most Internet providers, or cheaply through companies like US Website Design (see Resources). Showcase your art on your site, and make a signature that appears beneath your name when you send emails.

Step 4

Rent tables at craft shows and bring your metal art to sell. Design fliers and postcards and brings those with you when you sell your metal art. You can find listings for craft shows by going to sites like Festival Network Online (see Resources).


Step 5

Sell metal art through local stores or online. You may find stores in your area that feature local artists. You can also find sites like the Sculpture Collector or Original Art Online (see Resources).


The process of selling your art will take time, but if you persist, you will build a market for your work.


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