How to Make a Good Luck Charm Out of Paper

Things You'll Need

  • Paper

  • Pens, paint or ink

  • List of good luck symbols

  • Essential oils (optional)

  • Candles

Many symbols and pictures are associated with good luck, and it is believed that keeping these symbols somewhere on your person or in your home will help draw energies from the universe that will bring you luck. One of the easiest and quickest ways to incorporate the energy of these ancient good luck figures into your life is to make a simple good luck scroll out of a piece of paper. You can even make these scrolls specific to the type of luck you desire.

Step 1

Cut a small rectangle of plain white paper, about 3 by 4 inches.

Step 2

Use paint, ink or pens to mark your paper with your symbol. If you are using pens, don't use ball point---use a flair pen, fountain pen, or another kind of pen with free-flowing ink. If you like, choose ink or paint in a color associated with the specific type of luck you desire.

Step 3

Across the top or bottom of the paper, write a word or two about your desire. You should also write your name, initials, or birth date to personally connect you with the paper.

Step 4

Roll up the scroll. Light a candle, choosing a white one or whatever color is appropriate to the kind of luck you are seeking. Dribble candle wax on the scroll to seal it. If you like, anoint the scroll with an essential oil associated with bringing luck, such as nutmeg, orange, rose or violet.

Step 5

Carry your scroll with you in your purse, wallet or pocket whenever you want to bring luck to your life.

Step 6

Attract general luck with one of these Chinese characters, traditionally used in luck charms or wall scrolls.

Step 7

To attract luck in love, draw a heart on your scroll, the most common symbol of love. Inside the heart, draw a small arrow pointing upward, which symbolizes winning. These combined symbols will help you win the love of those you are attracted to. Make the symbols with red or pink ink, and seal your scroll with red or pink candle wax.

Step 8

For luck in gambling, draw the upward pointing arrow with gold or green ink. If you like, you can add your lucky numbers to this scroll. Roll it up and dribble green candle wax on it. When the wax dries, scratch a the dollar sign symbol ( $ ) onto it with a pin.

Step 9

For luck in business, draw the ancient Germanic runes FEHU and THURISAZ onto your scroll. FEHU is associated with livestock, upon which people's wealth and prosperity were once dependent. THURISAZ is associated with the god Thor's hammer, which is associated with luck and with crushing opposition. Use brown ink and a brown candle.