How to Make Soft Sculptured Doll Heads

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Things You'll Need

  • Pantyhose or nylon stocking

  • Polyester fiberfill

  • Scissors

  • Thread

  • Long needle

Make a soft-sculptured doll head from a nylon stocking.

With little more than a pair of old pantyhose and some stuffing, you can make quaint, soft-sculptured doll heads. The heads are safe to use for dolls made for babies, as the dolls' facial features are sewn into the face rather than onto it. There are no attached eyes that could be pulled off and swallowed. The flesh color of the dolls can be customized by using different shades of stockings.


Step 1

If using pantyhose, cut off one leg at the topmost part of the thigh. Make a knot in the stocking somewhere between the ankle and the thigh. Because the stocking is bigger at the top than the bottom, the area you choose will determine the size of the doll's head. Turn the stocking inside out so the knot is on the inside.

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Step 2

Stuff fiberfill into the stocking until a round ball is formed, stuffing around the knot to hide it. Cut off the open end of the stocking about 6 inches below the bottom of the stuffing. Knot the stocking tight against the fiberfill.

Step 3

Thread a long needle with desired shade of thread. Knot the thread. Stick the needle up through the lower knot of the stocking and the fiberfill, coming out through the stocking in the middle of the face. Pinch the fiberfill to create a nose, and make several short stitches through the nylon and the fiberfill to hold the shape in place. Put the needle back through the fiberfill ball and come out at the bottom. Knot and clip the thread.


Step 4

Insert the needle as in previous step to come out where the doll's eyes will be. Make a few stitches in gentle curves to simulate closed, sleeping eyes. Bring the needle out through the bottom of the ball, knot and clip the thread.

Step 5

Repeat previous step for the mouth, reversing the direction of the curve to create a smile.


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