How to Make a Bow Out of Streamers

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Things You'll Need

  • Crepe paper streamers

  • Clear tape

  • Scissors

Streamer bows are a bit different than ribbon bows.

For birthday parties and celebrations, what decoration is more fitting than crepe paper streamers? Instead of hanging them straight across the ceiling, consider dressing up the look by making a bow out of streamers for corners or walls.


Step 1

Decide what size bow you need for the place you intend to use it. Streamer bows to hang on walls and ceilings of a party room are larger than those put on chairs or decorations that are closer to eye level.

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Step 2

Cut a length of streamer that is approximately six times longer than the maximum width of the bow you wish to make. This will make a multiloop streamer bow, which is good for larger sizes and grand decorations. A simple two-loop bow requires much less streamer but is much smaller and not very attractive.


Step 3

Fold the length of streamer you cut in half to find its center point. Lay the center on a flat surface in front of you. Fold the long ends of the cut streamer across the center point, crossing at the center point.

Step 4

Repeat the process of making loops with the streamer on either side of the center until you have as many loops as you want on either side of the center. The loops can be all the same size, or they can gradually decrease in size as you make more. Since crepe paper streamer is a flexible material, the more loops you make, the fuller and more decorative your bow will become.


Step 5

Position the long tail ends of the streamer toward the bottom of the loops. Use a narrow piece of clear tape to wrap around the entire center point of the folded over streamer pieces, gathering them together. Cut another length of streamer a bit longer than the tails on the bow you've made. Wrap the center point over the tape piece and tie it in the back, leaving the tails to dangle down with the others. Add more tails to the bow by taping them to the back if desired.


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