How to Make Plastic Canvas Crosses

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Things You'll Need

  • plastic canvas

  • 1/8 inch ribbon ~ 6'

  • Sharp Scissors

Make several as inspirational gifts. They're quick and easy.

These simple crosses make great bookmarks or Easter decorations. Tie one to the bow of a baptism gift. Hang some from an Easter Tree as ornaments. (You do have an Easter Tree, right?) They can be Sunday School crafts for those who are old enough to handle scissors.


Step 1

Measure a rectangle 20 squares by 14 squares. If you wish, cut the corners off diagonally, then work toward the center of the cross. Cut the cross shape from the plastic canvas, as shown. Be sure to cut on the outside of of the lines, especially the diagonals.

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Step 2

Knot the ribbon in the center. Starting at the left side of the top "diamond," feed the ribbon through a square to the back, bring it down to the bottom right square and push it through to the front. Work your way clockwise until the vertical bar is covered. Wrap once around the center, to the back. Now start on the horizontal bar. Poke forward through the bottom left square in the left arm. Continue working clockwise, left to right, until all the outer squares are filled.


Step 3

Finish off with an "X" across the front center. Loop the extra ribbon up and through the top two squares to make a hanger. Bring it down to the center. Knot in back, or finish with a dab of fabric glue.


As always, be careful with scissors. Measure twice, cut once!


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