How to Tie Down a Mobile Home Strap

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Things You'll Need

  • Anchors

  • Turnbuckles

  • Metal Rod

Hurricane Damage

Mobile home straps help to prevent high winds from dislocating your mobile home, which can cause damage, injury and loss of life. Mobile home straps are secured to specially designed anchors, which are driven into the ground, thereby anchoring the mobile home to the spot on which it rests. Regulations for mobile home straps can vary from region to region. Know your local regulations when tying down your mobile home.


Step 1

Determine what type of mobile home strap you're using. Older models of mobile homes require straps that go completely over the top of the home, strapping it down. Newer models have straps that do not need to go completely over the home because of the home's structure.

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Step 2

Insert anchors into the ground around the mobile home. Although the number of anchors that are required vary between regions and model of mobile home, it doesn't hurt to insert extra anchors and extra straps. The types of anchors that can be used are concrete deadman anchors, auger anchors, drive anchors and anchors in concrete slaps.


Step 3

Position straps over the roof rafters if you're using straps that go over the top of the mobile home. This helps distribute the force with which the tie-down strap is holding the mobile home secure.

Step 4

Attach the end of the strap to a turnbuckle. A turnbuckle can be tightened to increase the tension on the strap and remove any slack. For a frame tie-down, the angle between the strap and the vertical plane of the anchor should be about 45 degrees.


Step 5

Secure the turnbuckle to the end of the anchor. Turn the turnbuckle adjustment until the strap is taut. Some turnbuckles require a metal rod to be inserted. Rotating the rod tightens the tension on the strap.

Step 6

Continue with the other straps on the mobile home, securing them to turnbuckles and anchors. Go back and double check all of the straps. Tightening one strap might affect the tension on a strap at a different position of the mobile home.


Extra straps can provide an increased sense of security in high winds. Contact a local building inspector to ensure you've met local building codes.


Turnbuckles should have welded eyes or forged eyes instead of hooks, because hooks can slip. Mobile home straps help to prevent it from blowing away during strong winds. However, they do not guarantee that damage will not occur. For example, if there's a direct hit from a category 5 hurricane, the chances that damage will occur is greatly increased.



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