How to Create Your Own Pokemon

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Things You'll Need

  • Drawing paper

  • Tracing paper

  • Pencils

  • Pens

  • Crayons

  • Colored pencils

Pokemon is an anime TV show and a trading card game. A Pokemon is an animal with powers that will fight, gain levels, evolve, and be its owner's companion. Most Pokemon characters take after real animals, like birds or mammals. Some even take after dinosaurs. Your Pokemon's special powers depend on whether the Pokemon is a fire, water, earth or air creature. You can make up names for the attack powers, because there isn't a set name. Maybe it can breathe fire, or it can throw boomerangs made out of plants. Unleash your creativity in making up your Pokemon.


Step 1

Choose an animal that you like -- one that you are able to draw or trace.

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Step 2

Choose a color for your animal. It doesn't necessarily need to be the actual color of the animal you are portraying. It can simply be a favorite color.

Step 3

Decide what colors you will use to shade your Pokemon. They should be darker shades of the main color.

Step 4

Pick out an accent color. This color doesn't need to be the same as your main color. It can be any color at all. Use it for stripes and markings on the stomach, and possibly for the eyes.


Step 5

Outline the animal of choice, or modify it to create a whole new shape. Most Pokemon characters have rounded details, and they somewhat resemble an animal or dinosaur. The individual character is then modified until it is its own creature.

Step 6

Draw in the face and fur. Most Pokemon characters have large eyes and very little detail in the fur.


Step 7

Add color patterns. Stripes, spots or patterns across the back fit the style of the characters.

Step 8

Use your darker shade color to fill in the stomach if your Pokemon stands on its back legs. If it stands on four legs, add your color pattern on the back.


Step 9

Start working on the smaller details. Claws and hooves are often soft and rounded. Hair usually sticks up. Noses are small dots or triangles. Eyes are black circles with smaller white circles inside them. Tails range from short and stubby to long and wiry. But the features should always be cute, like your designing a stuffed animal.


Step 10

When you have finished drawing and coloring your Pokemon in one pose, draw it in another. Try a battle pose where the Pokemon is putting its fists up. Or an injured pose where it is curled up on the ground. Or a happy pose where it is smiling wide and jumping for joy with its arms and legs spread.


Step 11

Choose a name for this new Pokemon. It can have something to do with the kind of animal it takes after, or you can make something up that simply sounds appealing to you.

Step 12

Decide whether your Pokemon is an air, fire, water or earth creature. Your Pokemon's powers will depend on which tribe it is from. For instance, water creatures might be able shoot ice beams, while fire creatures can create fire walls. Air creatures can perhaps fly at super-sonic speeds, while earth creatures can cause earthquakes by jumping up and down. The powers can be whatever you choose.


Try tracing paper to make your Pokemon look more like the animal you have chosen. You can even mix animal parts using the tracing paper.

Colored pencils, crayons and markers all work well when you are creating your own Pokemon.


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