How to Wrap Luggage as a Gift

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Things You'll Need

  • Luggage

  • Gift Bag

  • Wrapping Paper

  • Trash Bag

  • Fabric

  • Newspaper

Are you giving luggage as a gift to a family member or friend? Here are a few ways you can wrap your luggage and give it as a gift.

Step 1

Use wrapping paper. The most common way to wrap luggage is with wrapping paper, although it may be more difficult for larger pieces of luggage. Choose wrapping paper that fits the theme, whether it's green or red for Christmas, red for Valentine's Day, or party themed for a birthday.


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Step 2

Use a trashbag with a drawstring for larger pieces of luggage in wrapping paper. Add a more festive effect with a bow or ribbon tied on the package.

Step 3

Use the newspaper. You can get very creative by wrapping the piece of luggage with the newspaper. Use the Travel section to show your creativity (luggage will be used when traveling). Add a large bow to the package.

Step 4

Use a gift bag. If it is a smaller piece of luggage, you can fit it in a regular-sized gift bag. If it is a larger piece of luggage, you will have to use an oversized gift bag. Look at your local party store or luggage store to find a gift bag suitable for your piece of luggage. Add some colorful tissue paper to the bag to cover the luggage.


Step 5

Use fabric. Wrap the piece of luggage in a large piece of fabric. Get creative and find fabric with a traveling theme or international theme. Tie the gift up with a some ribbon or yarn and add a bow.


Include a gift tag or card with your gift and add a personalized message.


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