How to Use Grease Pencils

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencil Sharpener

  • Knife

  • Sandpaper

Grease pencils.

Grease pencils are made of wax to allow them to write on surfaces that are normally hard to mark on, such as glass or glossy paper. Their outer covering is made of wood or paper, and they are used especially in making marks for cutting or painting over later on. Different colors are available and they can be used in drawing, as well.


Step 1

Sharpen the pencil, using a knife or pencil sharpener. Make sure to sharpen grease pencils frequently as they dull quickly and become less visible when not sharpened. Sandpaper can be used to sand the tip to a fine point for working with small details and textures.

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Step 2

Pull the string attached to grease pencils with an outer paper covering to sharpen them. They should not be put in a pencil sharpener as it will shred the paper protecting them. Sand paper can also be used to sharpen the points of them, as well.

Step 3

Draw an outline of a drawing or use the pencil to make marks for cutting if you are using it as a measuring tool. Grease pencils will write on extremely glossy surfaces and may be harder to see. While they can be used for drawing on ceramic pots and glass, they work better for making marks that you plan to go over later with a more visible material.


Step 4

Use a paper towel or your finger to smudge or erase any stray marks. Grease pencils can be smudged together, especially on glossy paper. Small errors can also be wiped off easily.


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