How to Use the Craftsman Power Washer

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Things You'll Need

  • Water hose

  • Gasoline

  • Power washer

  • Power outlet

  • Power washer approved detergent

Craftsman power washer

A power washer has many uses, both industrially and in the private sector. Either electric or gas powered, a power washer can spray a stream of highly pressurized water through an adjustable hose/nozzle. Many homeowners purchase power washers to clean decks, siding or patios because the high-powered water can also have a mild detergent added to it and sprayed on dirty or grimy surfaces. The pressure added with the detergent provides all the force needed to wash away years of dirt or strip old wrinkling paint off wooden or vinyl surfaces. Have a Craftsman Power Washer, but unsure how to use it? This article will explain how to use the Craftsman power washer.


Step 1

Screw the water hose onto the water connector at the base of the power washing unit. Turn the water on and then turn the water valve open on the power washer. If you have an electric power washer, this is when you will plug it in. If you are using a gas powered washing unit, fill the gas tank with gas.


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Step 2

Determine the type of nozzle you will use for the particular job you are performing. Craftsman power washer models basically have two different kinds of nozzles. There is a high pressure round pinpoint nozzle (good for small areas) and a high pressure fan nozzle (good for larger areas.) If you do not want a high pressure wash, open the nozzles a bit and use the "low pressure" feature.


Step 3

Pour the approved detergent into the soap reservoir and then turn the power switch to the "On" position on the power washer (or start the motor by pulling on the T-handled cord and then flip the switch). Pull the trigger on the handle to spray the water and soap mixture. It works best to point the gun at an angle if you are using high pressure and straight on when you are cleaning with low pressure.


The high pressure fan is the best nozzle to use when you are refinishing or cleaning a deck, while the high pressure round nozzle is good for stripping paint.


Do not use high pressure power washers to clean your vehicles as you could damage bearings or destroy paint.



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