How to Easily Clean an Intex Pool Filter

One of the most important investments in your Intex swimming pool is your filter. Keeping your filter clean ensures that it is working properly and filtering out debris and other particles in your water. This also keeps your pool open and available for swimming for the maximum amount of time during the swimming season. Filter maintenance done weekly usually only takes a few minutes, which helps you keep it clean and operational.

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Cartridge Filters

Turn your pump off and unscrew the top of the filter housing.

Remove the filter cartridge from the housing by lifting it out of the basket.

Rinse the filter with a hose. Rub the filter with your fingers or a soft brush to remove some of the embedded debris. Be careful not to rub too hard and damage the filter material.

Replace the cartridge if it does not come completely clean or it is discolored. Change your filter approximately every two weeks.

Scrub the inside of the filter housing if there is any debris or dirt on the inside walls.

Replace the cartridge and screw the lid on tight.

Sand Filter

Turn your pump off, if it is on.

Turn the handle on top of the sand filter so it is pointing in the backwash position. The positions will be labeled.

Turn the backwash valve so the valve is open. Some filters will not have a valve. Look for a knob to turn.

Turn the pump on and allow the water to run out for approximately two minutes and turn the pump back off.

Turn the valve to "Rinse" and turn the pump back on for to minutes. Turn the pump off and turn the lever back to "Backwash."

Run the filter for another two minutes. Turn the lever back to "Filter." Close the backwash valve and turn your pump on to resume filtering your pool water.

Add water to your pool to replace the water that you backwashed.


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