How to Build Shelving Near Ceilings

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Things You'll Need

  • stepladder

  • measuring tape

  • pencil

  • level

  • stud finder

  • shelve brackets

  • 1x10 inch lumber

  • woodscrews

  • screwdriver

  • drill

Shelving near ceilings can provide the homeowner with storage space that's out of the way---perfect for storing items you only need on occasion, while keeping wall space and floor space free. Simple shelving doesn't take long to build, isn't expensive, and can be easily modified or adapted to meet your needs and plans.


Step 1

(illustration by NL)

Decide which wall you'll want your shelves to be on. Then, using your stepladder, go along the wall and measure down 20 inches from the ceiling (for illustrative purposes only---you can determine your own distance). Make a mark with your pencil at this point. Go along the wall and make several marks for reference.


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Step 2

(illustration by NL)

Using your level as a straight edge, use a pencil to make a line connecting these marks. The line should extend the length of your planned shelves.


Step 3

(illustration by NL)

Starting at one end of the line, move your stud finder along the wall. Each time you find a stud (they'll most likely be at 16-inch intervals), make a mark on the line.


Step 4

Place a wall bracket on the wall at each mark on the line. Secure them to the studs using 2-inch wood screws.

Step 5

(illustration by NL)

Place your 1 x 10 board(s) on top of the brackets. Attach each board to the brackets with 1/2 inch wood screws, and your shelves are ready to use.


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