How to Use Deck Stain on Interior Hardwood Floors

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Things You'll Need

  • Sander

  • 38-grit, 60-grit discs

  • 6-inch spinner/edger

  • Vacuum

  • Paint roller

Use Deck Stain on Interior Hardwood Floors

Deck stain can give hardwood floors a nice dark sheen. Staining hardwood floors can revitalize the look and feel of a room and create a whole new atmosphere just by a simple fix. Traditionally hardwood floors have their own kind of stain, but if deck stain is all that is available it will work just as nicely. Although this can be a time-consuming task, refinishing floors will ultimately be worth it in the end.


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Step 1

Use a sander with course belts to remove the old finish. It is important when using a sander to keep it in constant motion. If it stays in one place for too long it may gouge the floor. Use a 38-grit disc and make your way diagonally across the floor. Do this both ways and then follow the grain of the wood to remove even more.


Step 2

Switch to a 60-grit disc and repeat the process.

Step 3

Use a 6-inch spinner/edger with 60-grit discs to remove any leftover stain near the edges.

Step 4

Vacuum the area well to remove any dust. This is very important as even a little bit of dust can interfere with staining.


Step 5

Open all doors and windows for ventilation.

Step 6

Apply the first coat of stain with a roller. A brush can be used, but a roller makes it a much simpler process. Apply the stain evenly over the entire floor.

Step 7

Allow 12 hours for the floor to dry before applying a second coat.


Deck stain has a horrid, overwhelming smell. It is very important that the area is ventilated very well. Open all doors to create a draft and keep the windows open.


Wear protective clothing and glasses when handling the sander to avoid dust.