How to Make Fake Plants

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Things You'll Need

  • Sticks

  • Hammer

  • Nails

  • Artificial vines, leaves and branches

  • Florist foam

Fake plants are a home decorating option for people with a brown thumb, allergies, pets or small children. However, the cost of large fake plants can be prohibitive. Making your own fake plants is enjoyable and doable in an afternoon.

Growing a fake garden

Step 1

Assemble the containers for your fake plants. Have fun and get creative--after all, the containers do not need to hold dirt or water. Try baskets, ceramic pieces or even old bottles or cans with interesting shapes, colors or labels. Of course, you can also use flowerpots.


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Step 2

Fill the containers with the material that can support a fake plant. Green florist Styrofoam is ideal, because it looks natural. You can also use real sand, dirt or pebbles. If you use looser rocks, you will need to create a base to support the fake plant. For example, you can hide a ball of clay within the rocks.


Step 3

Create the primary branches of your fake plant. Start with a real stick that is thick enough to withstand having nails hammered into it. Use tacks or small nails, and hammer holes into the parts of the stick where you want the branches. Take care not to split the wood when you hammer the stick.


Step 4

Place leafy branches into the holes you hammered. You may need a dot of craft glue or wood glue on the tip of the branch to support heavier branches. You can also string vines or leaves around the central stick to add greenery.

Step 5

Add finishing touches. Look for bare spots that could use some extra vines. You can also place artificial colored leaves or flowers amongst the branches to add some brightness.


Maintain your fake plants by dusting them regularly.


Plastic leaves and vines do not have the same visual impact as those made of silk.


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