How to Dispose of a Pur Water Filter

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Things You'll Need

  • PUR water filter

  • Trash can or bag

With the numerous campaigns about how much better water filters are for the environment as compared to buying bottled water, you may wonder about the water filters. While some water filter companies have implemented a program to recycle or reuse their filters, PUR Filtration Systems, which is owned by Procter & Gamble, does not have one in place as of February 2009. However, according to Joe E. Heimlich in an article in the "New York Times," disposing of the filters is much less harmful to the environment than plastic bottles for bottled water.


Step 1

Remove water filter from your pitcher, faucet-mount or refrigerator.

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Step 2

Write down the product filter number and whether it is a two-stage or three-stage filter (for faucet-mounted filters). This is essential if you are replacing a Pur filter in your KitchenAide and Whirlpool refrigerators because there are several types. If you cannot find the model number, refer to the PUR article "Compare Water Filters" listed in additional Resources.

Step 3

Place water filter in trash bag.

Step 4

Check with PUR Water Filter Systems (see additional Resources) to see if they have begun a recycling program. Brita began a recycling program for its filters in January 2009. As of February 2009, PUR did not have one in place. However, according to Green by Design, PUR is attempting to create a reusable module.


Step 5

Do not attempt to recycle the water filter by cutting it open with a hand saw. The carbon inside the filter now contains contaminants it removed from your water supply. It is better to toss the entire device away then attempt to recycle the plastic.


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