How to Make Your Own Chocolate Fountain

Things You'll Need

  • Warming auger

  • Specialized heater motor, complete with warming dial and plug

  • Large stainless bowl

  • Two to three stainless steel tiers

  • Plastic tower

  • Small cap

Rich, brown chocolate flowing through a self-assembled fountain is sure to wow guests at a party. Once the fountain is made, surround it with delicious treats--from fruit to nuts to marshmallows--to dip in the warm chocolate. If this sounds like an appealing addition to your event, then you should consider making your own chocolate fountain. A chocolate fountain may be purchased through kitchen appliance dealers and then assembled at home or parts may be purchased individually and assembled for a unique creation. Follow these steps.


Step 1

Find a large, clean, well-lighted surface on which to build. Make sure that there is a power outlet nearby.

Step 2

Remove all parts from the kit and unwrap.

Step 3

Lay out the parts in the order that they will be assembled.


Step 1

Place the heater motor on a work surface.

Step 2

Attach the chocolate bowl (largest bowl in kit) to the motor heater. This should be easily done by twisting the hole in the bottom of the bowl over the knob in the heater motor and turning to secure.

Step 3

Place auger, which will draw chocolate up the tower, into the opening in the bowl and secure by screwing an auger in.

Step 4

Cover the auger with the plastic tower, which may be screwed into grooves in bottom of bowl.

Step 5

Slide the smallest tier down tower until it sits at the bottom of the bowl. This tier should look as if it is upside down. It covers the area in which the chocolate is fed into the auger/tower and will prevent splashing.

Step 6

Slide the next two or three tiers onto tower. These tiers will help disperse the chocolate. The tiers will look as if they are upside down.

Step 7

Twist a small cap onto top of tower. The chocolate will flow out of the cap, onto the tiers and into the bowl.


Making a chocolate fountain from a kit is fairly simple. Be sure to read all of the directions and make sure that all the parts are in the kit before beginning assembly.

Leave plenty of time to assemble a chocolate fountain, as it should be tested before being used at an event.


Measure the amount of chocolate needed well before event.