How to Make a Bed Skirt

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Things You'll Need

  • Fabric

  • 9 to 15 Bed skirt pins or upholstery pins

  • Sharp scissors or fabric shears (if you will be cutting the material yourself)

  • Measuring tape or a yard stick

  • Notepad and pencil

Make a Bed Skirt

A quick and easy way to dress up any bed is to add a coordinating bed skirt. The bed skirt, also known as a dust ruffle, serves a practical use by covering up the open areas under the bed and concealing items placed there for storage. It mainly consists of a large, thin piece of inexpensive fabric that is to be placed evenly over the box spring. Most instructions for making bed skirts involve some degree of sewing or hand stitching. Here is a method of making a bed skirt without sewing that will remain in place until you remove it. Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete this project.


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Step 1

Remove your bedding and your mattress from your bed, leaving the box spring in place. Prop up the mattress securely against a wall, or leave it on the floor but out of the way as you work.

Step 2

Measure the distance of the box spring horizontally along the "foot" of your bed. Add 3 inches to this number to determine the width of the material needed for the portion of the bed skirt to be placed there.


Step 3

Determine length by measuring the vertical distance from the top of the box spring at the foot of your bed down to the floor. Add 3 inches. Purchase one piece of fabric of this length and width.


Step 4

Move to one lateral side of your box spring. Measure horizontally along the box spring to determine the width of material needed there. Add 3 inches to the number. The length measurement from the top of the box spring vertically down to the floor (with the extra 3 inches included) should be the same as the length in the previous step. Purchase two pieces of fabric of this length and width to drape on either side of your bed.


Step 5

Hold one of the side fabric pieces open horizontally and place it smoothly along the top edge of your box spring so that the bottom edge of the fabric barely brushes the floor. A 3-inch-wide strip of fabric should cover the top of the box spring at the edge. Allow 1 1/2 inches to overlap the curve of your bed on either side.

Step 6

Remove the first pin. Pierce both the material and the underlying cloth covering the edge of the box spring. Do this either at or near the center of the side of the bed along the top edge. Twist the pin in a corkscrew fashion until the pin is inserted completely, leaving only the top of the pin visible. Insert another pin at one of the curves along the side where the material overlaps by 1 1/2 inches. Repeat at the other curve on the same side. Move to the opposite side of the bed, and fasten the other piece of fabric of the same length and width in the same manner.


Step 7

Take the smaller piece of fabric to the foot of your bed.

Step 8

Open the smaller piece of fabric and position it along the top edge of the box spring so that the bottom grazes the floor. Permit 1 1/2 inches of fabric to extend from both the left and the right side where the ends of the bed curve.


Step 9

Fasten the center first, then each side of the material with the pins, allowing the fabric to wrap around the curves on either side. The bed skirt material on each lateral (or long) side should either overlap, or be overlapped by, the material being placed at the foot of the bed. Add any extra pins that you deem necessary, and inspect your work to see if you are satisfied with the result. Replace your mattress over your box spring.


If you want to further embellish your bed skirt a bit, you can sew a strip of ribbon or fabric along one edge. If sewing is a challenge, you may purchase Stitch Witchery at a fabric or craft supply store. This is a roll of tape-like bonding material that is cut to size and placed between two layers of fabric. A warm iron is passed over the area, activating the bond and adhering the material together without sewing.


You may need assistance removing the mattress from your box spring, especially if your bed is queen size or larger. When in doubt, as to whether you will be able to do it yourself, exercise caution and ask for help to avoid injuring yourself.