How to Wear Graduation Tassels

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The day you graduate from high school or college is an exciting time, signifying entry into a new chapter of your life. Little things such as how to wear the tassel may be far from your train of thought as you eagerly await your turn to receive your diploma. Practicing the tassel-moving process as you try on your cap and gown ensures you'll have it down pat when the big graduation moment arrives.


Step 1

Put on your graduation cap in advance to practice, aligning one point of the cap directly over the center of your head. In other words, if a person were to stand directly above you, the cap should look like a diamond. Wearing the cap this way will make positioning your graduation tassels easier.


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Step 2

Place the tassels on the right side of the cap. Keep the tassels there as you sit through the ceremony.


Step 3

Receive your diploma and face towards the audience after you do so.


Step 4

Grab the tassels and flip them over to the left side of the cap. Keep the tassels there until you remove your graduation cap.


Students graduating from a larger college or university will be asked to stand during the ceremony. When you are told to do so, grab your tassels and flip them over the cap to the left side. The tassels should remain there until you remove the cap.

Students who have already received a bachelor's degree should place their tassels on the left side of the cap after they place the cap on. This is also true for members of the faculty as well as any school administrators attending the graduation ceremony.

Think of the process as if turning pages of a book -- the page on the right turns to the left to advance through the book.

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