How to Make Tiny Paper Flowers

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Things You'll Need

  • paper punch in various petal shapes, snowflake, balloon, heart and hole punch

  • paper in small sheets or scraps from other projects

  • tweezers

  • clear adhesive for paper crafting

  • quilling paper

Make Tiny Paper Flowers

Tiny paper flowers are ideal for adorning many craft projects. They finish the look of cards, invitations, place cards, framed pieces and scrapbook layouts. They can be used in window boxes in dollhouses. A miniature vase can be filled with long-stemmed, tiny paper flowers for the interior of a dollhouse. Miniature flowers are a nice finishing touch in diorama pieces. You can assemble tiny flowers in a small work area. You can recycle scraps from scrapbook and card-making projects for an evergreen craft.


Step 1

Punch out a batch of 20 to 50 floral petal punchies from paper in colors you desire.

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Step 2

Separate each shape into a pile.

Step 3

Layer petal punchies creating a multipetaled flower. Put a dot of adhesive on the center of a petal and adhere a second petal to it. Use tweezers to pick up a paper punchie and set it onto the glued paper petal. Repeat with a third layer of petals if desired. These will be daisies, forget-me-nots and other multipetaled blossoms. Punch out miniature paper circles for flower centers or use a miniature colored brad fastener.


Step 4

Wrap the balloon shaped punchie around the tip of a round toothpick, wooden skewer or metal embossing tool. Roll it into a tight little cylinder.

Step 5

Curl the tip of a second balloon top to fold it back a bit. Curl the entire punchie around the cylinder shape. Remove and add a dot of adhesive to the cylinder or flower center. Attach this second "petal" to it. Add a third balloon punchie on the other side of the cylinder. This will be a rosebud.


Step 6

Punch white balloon shapes. Wrap them around a tool to make a cylinder that is tight at the bottom and loose at the top.

Step 7

Pinch the front of the top of the cylinder to a crisp point. This is a calla lily. Glue it to a paper leaf if desired.

Step 8

Punch out leaves to give flowers a finished appearance. Twist or coil green quilling paper for vines for the flowers.


Let petals dry before moving flowers to a craft project in progress. They must dry thoroughly to maintain shape and not fall apart. Paper shapes punched out from a punch tool are called punchies. You can use miniature brads or pom poms for flower centers. Glue completed paper flower onto a 1-inch-tall piece of thin wire or toothpick for a long stem.


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