How to Play the Dollar Game

The dollar game is such a fun & easy game while you're just sitting around with friends and family. At least one lucky winner walks away happier than they arrived! The dollar game works best with parties of at least 5 people.

Things You'll Need

  • People - 5 or more

  • Money - $3 per person in one dollar bills

  • Three dice

  • Poker chips for variations in steps 6 & 7

Step 1

To start the dollar game, gather a group of 5 or more people, the more the better! Each person needs to have three $1 bills (a less taxing variation would be to use quarters). See steps 6 and 7 for playing at your local pub.

Step 2

Everyone rolls the three dice once to determine who starts the dollar game action - the highest total roll is the starter. The first person rolls the dice and follows the following directions of each individual die. Roll a 1 = Hold that dollar Roll a 2 = Hold that dollar Roll a 3 = Hold that dollar Roll a 4 = Put a dollar in the center Roll a 5 = Pass a dollar to person on your left Roll a 6 = Pass a dollar to person on your right

Play then moves to the next player (clockwise). As an example, if I rolled a 3 on one die, a 6 on one die, and a 4 on one die - I would hold onto one dollar, pass one of my dollars to the person on my right, and put one dollar in the middle pot.

Step 3

It is important to note that in the dollar game you only roll the number of dice that is equal to the number of dollars in front of you (i.e. if you only have two dollars, only roll two dice). If you do not have any dollars left you are not out of the game ... you never know when one of your neighbors might be forced to pass one left or right! However, do realize that if you do not have any dollars at the time, your turn is skipped until the next time you have a dollar or more.

Step 4

The object of the dollar game is to be the last player with a dollar. If you are the final player with a dollar, you are the winner of the game and you get all of the money in the center. If 10 people were playing you would keep your final dollar and get the other $29 that is sitting in the pot!

Step 5

Give the dollar game a shot, you'll absolutely love it. I suggest telling your guests ahead of time to bring nine $1 bills - that will keep it going for three rounds!

Step 6

Another variation of the dollar game at your local bar is to use chips (poker) rather than dollars. In this case you would rather not be holding the last chip because you are the one buying the next round.

Step 7

Finally, the last variationof the dollar game is to again use chips instead of dollars at a bar but have a shot in the middle of the table (something rather strong, think Tequila). Last person with a chip is taking the shot.


Steps 6 and 7 are variations of the game which include alcohol, please abide by all drinking laws.