How to Make a Tri-Corner Pirate Hat Out of Newspaper

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Make a Tri-Corner Pirate Hat Out of Newspaper

Making a tri-corner pirate hat from newspaper is an inexpensive, simple project. Kids never seem to tire of swashbuckling pirate games, so this is one plaything that won't get old. You can even paint the hat and use it for an inexpensive Halloween costume.


Step 1

Open one page of the paper so that an entire sheet is facing you.


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Step 2

Fold the page in half, from the top down.


Step 3

Fold the two upper corners down to the center.


Step 4

Snip the outer corners an inch or two.


Step 5

Fold up the top layers for the brim, leaving just the bottom sheet unfolded.


Step 6

Turn the hat over and fold the back page up to complete the brim in the back.


Use paint, markers, feathers and other embellishments to make your hat more elaborate.


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