How to Make Foam for a Party

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Things You'll Need

  • Liquid dish washing soap

  • Hose

  • Plastic tub or pool

  • Trash can

  • Shop vac

  • Large buckets

  • Shovel

  • Two or more people

Foam parties have become a way of adding a fun, messy element to a party. Falling in foam is a great ice breaking when meeting new people. It's also a way of letting loose and sliding across the floor during the party. There are foam machines that can be rented for a foam party, but it's also possible to save money by making the foam without the machines.


Step 1

Start with a large, plastic tub. This can be a plastic kids' pool if you have access to one. The tub or pool is placed in the center of the room and put a trash can in the center of it. The hose should be able to reach inside the trash can.

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Step 2

Put the nozzle end of the hose into the trash can and connect the other end of the hose to a hot water source. The water can only be hot in order to create the optimal foam effect.


Step 3

Set the shop vac to the blow feature rather than the vacuum feature. Turn on the hose and the shop vac. The shop vac and the hose should be about half way down the trash can. Blow the water out of the trash can with the shop vac. Most of the water being run from the hose shoudl be blowing out of the trash can. It may take some adjusting of the water pressure before this happens. If the trash can begins filling up with water, the hose is running too quickly.


Step 4

Have someone else begin squirting the liquid dish washing liquid into the stream of the water. The soap shoudl be squirted close to the nozzle of the hose to give the soap the full force of the water. This will create the foam which will soon begin overflowing from the trash can and will fill up the tub or pool. The foam will then overflow into the room or outdoor area while the tub or pool will soon fill with water. The pool shoudl be emptied with buckets to keep it from overflowing and flooding the area.

Step 5

Use the shovel to spread out the foam to create a more evenly-foamed area.


If you are making foam for an indoor party, place plastic sheeting all over the room that will hold the foam. Otherwise, it's best to have foam parties outdoors.


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