How to Mount a Surfboard on a Wall

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Things You'll Need

  • Surfboard

  • Surfboard Wall Racks

  • Braided Picture Wire

  • 3M Wall Mount Adhesive

  • Drywall Anchors

  • Drill

Mount a Surfboard on a Wall

If you want to display an old surfboard you've retired or would like to hang a new surfboard to decorate a wall in your office or home, then take the proper steps to do it right. You will love the results.

Step 1

Shop for the wall mount racks. Check out and For pure display, I recommend Surf Trunks Surfboard Wall Rack, which can be purchased at either of those sites for $70.00 or less. The natural wood racks really compliment the surfboard.

Step 2

Install your racks to the wall. Use a stud finder so that the racks are attached to the wall stud behind the sheetrock. If you just cannot deal with a stud finder, then you will have to use a drywall anchor and then screw the rack into the anchor. Use the system pictured here. I have mounted white boards that weight over 100 pounds with these anchors. You just screw the anchor with the large threads into the sheetrock, place the rack over the anchor, push a screw through the screw hole on the rack and fasten.

Step 3

Lay your surfboard on the ground with the bottom facing up. Take out your roll of braided picture wire and cut an 10" or so long piece. Using the 3M wall mount tape, adhere a 1" portion of the picture wire to the middle of the surfboard and leave the remainder dangling free. This is your safety wire, which will attach to the wall and keep your board from falling off the wall in the event of a "disturbance".

Step 4

Get a small step ladder or larger ladder if you are mounting the board up high. Cut a strip of the 3M tape and then carry the surfboard up the ladder with you. Center the board on the rack and then tilt the board toward your chest. Reach for the wire on the back of the board. Once you have it in one hand, apply the 3M tape over the wire and onto the wall. Your safety leash is installed.

Step 5

Step down from the ladder and a grab a rag and some cleaning/polishing agent to shine your finger prints off the board. Enjoy.