How to Make a Robe

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Things You'll Need

  • 3-5 yards 60" wide fabric

  • sewing thread

  • scissors

  • sewing machine (or needle and thread)

  • Bias tape in matching or contrasting color

  • Lightweight interfacing (optional)

Robes are among the easiest garments to make, even without a pattern. These simple instructions will make a kimono-style robe that belts at the waist. Make it in silk for something classy, or in terry for a luxurious after-bath robe.

Step 1

Have a friend help you take measurements as in the diagram.

Take measurements for your robe. Stretch your arms out straight to the sides at the shoulder and have a friend measure the distance from wrist to wrist. Call this Measurement A. Have the same (or a different) friend measure the distance from the nape of your neck to your heel. This is Measurement B.


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Step 2

Cut three rectangles from fabric as shown in diagram.

Fold fabric face to face. From the fold, measure 1/2 Measurement A plus 1/2". Make a mark. From that mark, measure down the length of the material the full length of Measurement B. Measure and mark Measurement B along the fold, then use a straight edge to draw cutting lines. Cut 2 pieces material that measure 1/2 Measurement A plus 2" by Measurement B.

Step 3

Cut out shaded areas to form a T shape.

Place two front pieces faces together. Stack those pieces on top of folded back piece. Measure in 4 1/2" from fold and 2 1/2" from top. Cut a shallow curve to shape the neck. Following diagram, cut out shaded pieces at the side to form sleeves.


Step 4

Unfold back piece. With right sides facing, sew shoulder and sleeve seams, allowing 1/2 inch for seams. Press seams flat.


Step 5

With right sides facing, sew side and sleeve seams. Press seams flat. Hem sleeves to fingertip length.

Step 6

Cut two strips of interfacing 1 inch wide and the length of the robe from neck to hem. Using zigzag stitch, sew one strip of interfacing to wrong side of each robe front. Fold robe front in at interfacing and press. Top-stitch 1/4" from fold on each robe front.

Step 7

Trim interfacing and robe at neckline and bind neckline with bias tape, keeping shoulder seams flat. Hem robe at desired length.


You can belt the robe with a sash made of the same material, or add fasteners to the robe front to finish.


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