How to Draw a Ribbon or Bow

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencil

  • Paper

Draw a Ribbon or Bow

Drawing a bow is quite simple and easy. Once you get the hang of drawing a basic bow, you can draw more complex and unique bows. Bows are commonly drawn items, especially in storybooks and animation (think princesses). Different textures and colors can be used, and two or more loops can be used. Learning the basics will give you what you need to know to go forward with it.


Step 1

Start with simple shapes. The shapes for drawing a bow are two triangles and a square in the middle. How simple is that?

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Step 2

Make your square a little bit fluid by making the edges a bit wavy. It should look a little like a marshmallow. Now draw the triangles in the same fashion, attached to the square on either side.


Step 3

Outline the edges, and add details to give your bow dimension. These will look like the folds in a ribbon or bow--two little loops coming out from the middle of the square and two larger loops at the top. You should have something similar to the example image.


Step 4

Add two pieces at the bottom of the bow if you like. Many bows are drawn this way. They can have square ends or ends as in the example image. Now go crazy drawing different types of bows!


There are different kinds of bows, but using the basics from this article can help you draw different ones.


Video of the Day

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