How to Draw Ice Cream

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencil or pen

  • Paper

Draw Ice Cream

There are many ways to draw ice cream, as there are many different types of ice cream. If you've never drawn ice cream before, the basic ice cream cone and the basic bowl of ice cream is a good place to start. This article will break down the illustration of ice cream into simple shapes and make it easy to draw ice cream exactly as you want to. Whether your favorite flavor is chocolate, vanilla or mint chocolate chip, you'll be able to draw it in no time.


Step 1

Circle + Triangle = basic shapes for the ice cream cone

The basic shapes for ice cream cones are a circle (the scoop of ice cream) and a triangle (the sugar cone). Think in terms of the circle on top of the triangle to simplify it.

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Step 2

Draw the cone. Start with a small ellipse at the top of the cone, and draw the sides down to a point as symmetrically as you can.


Step 3

Now that you have your cone, add the waffle texture by drawing lines diagonally one way and then the other.


Step 4

Draw your circle on top of the cone, like a ball. add the cloudlike shape at the meeting of the cone and ice cream scoop. For an added ice cream effect, draw a drip of the ice cream melting down the cone.


Step 5

Start with a basic bowl shape. Draw the ellipse as in the beginning of drawing the cone, but much wider. Draw a very faint line down the middle of the ellipse. Now draw lines toward the point in curved motion as symmetrically as you can to finish the rest of the bowl.



Step 6

Faintly draw the scoops inside the bowl for placement. You can draw as many scoops as you'd like.


Step 7

Now fill in the circles and add details such as a spoon, chocolate syrup (same drippy effect as the cone) and cherries on top, if you'd like.


Add multiple scoops for a whimsical effect. Color your ice cream in with colored pencils. Feel free to add as many details as you'd like.


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