How to Request a Birthday Greeting From the President

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Celebrate a senior's birthday with a greeting card from the President.
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Once you or a loved one reaches the impressive age of 80 -- or age 70, if you're a veteran -- you may request birthday greetings from the U.S. President provided the celebrant is a U.S. citizen. Although it might take a while to receive the card because of a backlog of requests, send information via snail mail, fax or through the White House website's contact form at least six weeks in advance.


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To request birthday greetings from the president, send the name and home address of the honoree, birthday, age and specific mailing instructions to The White House's address with "Attn: Greetings Office" on the envelope. You can fax this information or place it on the White House's contact page. If you're requesting the card for someone else, include your name and daytime phone number. The White House staff does not guarantee a delivery date.

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