How to Store Fresh Mint

Whether grilled with vegetables, tossed into a salad or added to a cocktail, mint brings a bright, clean taste reminiscent of spring. Add only the freshest, most colorful leaves to your dishes and drinks. Select mint with erect stems supporting bright green leaves with no signs of wilting, discoloration or blemishes. Hydrate the leaves and keep them cool to keep mint fresh for up to a week.

Rinsing and Cutting

If you purchased the mint, remove the bands or plastic packaging. Rinse the bundle under cold water to remove grit. Shake out the water by hand or with a salad spinner and gently blot the leaves with a paper towel. Make a fresh, diagonal cut at the bottom of the stem, as you would for fresh flowers.

Saving Like a Bouquet

Place the mint in a vase or glass filled with several inches of cool water. Change the water every day. You can keep the bouquet on the counter for several days and enjoy the fresh aroma. If you want to preserve the leaves longer, cover the bouquet with a loose plastic canopy, so that air can circulate around the leaves.

Cover and Cool

After you've rinsed and snipped the mint, you can also wrap the bunch in paper towels and place it in the warmest part of your refrigerator.